Plymouth Stairlifts

`Plymouth is a port city and unitary authority located in South West England. It is situated on the historic south coast of Devon, where Mount Batten was the site of Devon's earliest village, which later developed into a trade centre. Stairlifts Plymouth is one of the top stairlift suppliers in Plymouth, with a combined 40 years of experience in the mobility industry. We are a group of skilled, compassionate installers and engineers who are passionate about accessibility and promoting people's mobility.

One of the greatest stairlift manufacturers in the world, Bruno Stairlifts, has certified us as an installer and supplier. In Devon and Cornwall, Stairlifts Plymouth instals a variety of stairlifts. We set up straight, curved, outdoor, and even reconditioned stairlifts with a five-year warranty. Additionally, we provide removal and maintenance services for all types of stairlifts, as well as repairs and servicing. Reviews from previous customers who have received a 100% guarantee show that we offer excellent customer service.

Climbing the stairs the easy way

Accessibility is one of the greatest issues in the country today which can highly reduce mobility in the household. Reduced mobility can be due to medical conditions or ageing. However, not all hope is lost as Stairlifts Plymouth can help you solve this problem.
We provide high-quality stairlifts that make climbing the stairs the easy way. Stairlifts can help with increasing mobility and reducing stress in moving in your household. Those who have difficulty utilising the stairs might avoid mishaps by using stairlifts. If you are elderly or unsteady on your feet, climbing a lot of stairs may be difficult for you, which could cause physical injury. A stairlift eliminates this concern. With stairlifts, you can feel truly independent.

Stairlift Servicing and Repairs

As you are transported up and down stairs numerous times per day, your stairlift experiences significant wear and tear. When you own a stairlift, you rapidly learn to rely on it, so it is unsettling if you can't be certain that it will always work and be there for you when you need it.
Here at Plymouth Stairlifts, we provide the utmost care through servicing and repairs for your stairlift at home. A stairlift is more prone to break down due to parts and components wearing out the older it is and the more it is used. If you give your stairlift a routine service and safety inspection, at least once every 12 months, there is no need to worry about it.

Why Choose Stairlifts Plymouth


Our team have over 40 Years’ collective experience in the mobility industry

Highly Recommended

A lot of our business comes to us via customer referrals due to our outstanding customer service

Bruno Approved Installer

Stairlifts Plymouth is an approved and experienced installer of Bruno Stairlifts, ensuring you received the highest end product and service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Stairlifts Plymouth team take great pride in providing great products supported by great service which is 100% guaranteed.

5 Year warrantee

Each and every one of our stairlifts is covered by a 5-year manufacturers warrantee, providing you with total peace of mind

Accessible Location and Parking

Our Stairlift shop is wheelchair friendly and there is parking directly outside so it’s a matter of steps before arrive at our front door