Frequently Asked Questions

1What are your main services?
We are an approved installer and supplier of Bruno Stairlifts, one of the best stairlift companies in the world. In Devon and Cornwall, Stairlifts Plymouth instals a variety of stairlifts. We set up straight, curved, outdoor, and even reconditioned stairlifts with a five-year warranty. Additionally, we provide removal and maintenance services for all types of stairlifts, as well as repairs and servicing. Reviews from previous customers who have received a 100% guarantee show that we offer excellent customer service.
2Do your stairlifts come with any warranty?
Yes, the curved indoor and outdoor stairlifts from Stairlifts Plymouth come with a complimentary five-year warranty on all major parts and the same two-year warranty on all other stairlift parts. The same 30-day labour warranty is included with it as with indoor straight stairlifts.
3How can stairlifts help us?
Stairlifts can help with increasing mobility and reducing stress in moving in your household. Those who have difficulty utilising the stairs might avoid mishaps by using stairlifts. If you are elderly or unsteady on your feet, climbing a lot of stairs may be difficult for you, which could cause physical injury. A stairlift eliminates this concern. With stairlifts, you can feel truly independent.
4How many years of experience does the Stairlifts Plymouth team have?
Our team of engineers and installers has worked in the mobility industry for more than 40 years.
5Is there any parking close to your Stairlifts Plymouth shops?
Our Stairlift shop is wheelchair friendly and there is parking directly outside so it’s a matter of steps before arriving at our front door.
6Do you provide a Stairlift Removal service?
Yes, we do! We can take care of the entire process professionally, with the least amount of disruption to your home life, and we won't leave a big mess behind either. Our team of trained expert fitters can quickly and safely remove the lift from your property in preparation for a new installation or simply keep your stairs as normal. Your Plymouth stairlift will be skillfully removed, and the area will be left clean.
7What kind of stairlifts can you install?
We set up straight, curved, outdoor, and even reconditioned stairlifts with a five-year warranty.
8What days and times are you open?
We are open on Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm.
9Where can we email any inquiries?
You can email us your inquiries at
10Can you install stairlifts in other locations other than Plymouth?
We service Plymouth, Exeter, Devon and Cornwall, providing a comprehensive choice of stairlifts that are tailored to fit the needs of our customers. To arrange your free, no-obligation consultation and learn how we can assist you in regaining your independence, get in touch with us right away.
11Are the seats weather-resistant?
Yes, our Bruno stairlifts come with durable weather-resistant seats.
12Do you provide customer service after installation?
Each stairlift will be fitted to the correct standard by our skilled team of stairlift technicians and engineers, who are committed to giving great customer care. If you're looking for a stairlift installation near you, look no further than Stairlifts Plymouth.
13What is the difference between a curved stairlift and a straight stairlift?
A straight stairlift is made to go up a straight flight of stairs. While their seats have a variety of configurable features and options, straight stairlift rails are cut to meet the length of the staircase. On the other hand, a curved stairlift is a stairlift that may be customised and is made for steps that turn. From straightforward 90° twists to lengthy spiral staircases, curved stairlifts can be fitted on a variety of stair designs.
14What is the brand of your stairlifts?
Stairlifts Plymouth is an approved and experienced installer of Bruno Stairlifts, ensuring you received the highest-end product and service.
15Why are stairlifts important?
Stairlifts are important because it gives more accessibility and mobility to users who need to climb their stairs inside and outside their homes. This provides

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Simon DanielSimon Daniel
08:45 07 Mar 23
The service we have received from Stairlifts Plymouth has been brilliant. We didn't really know where to start with our request and had concerns about the curve within our stairlifts. The team did an outstanding job of fitting an amazing solution and we are so happy with the quality of the stairlift installed. I would definitely recommend this company, simply outstanding.

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